Gather Hear Alaska

Gather Hear Tour was launched in August 2017, when Miki decided to start with a bang by going to the state most foreign to her. Not knowing a single person in Alaska, and knowing that Alaskans pride themselves on their “Last Frontier” state identity, she wondered if she would come off as a an intruder and Alaskans would resist her music. Instead, she was met only with deep gratitude for having made the effort to travel so far, a real thirst and appreciation for live music, and the warmest hospitality (a lot of salmon was gifted to the team).

Miki was accompanied on tour by photographers/videographers Jarett Juarez (first half) and Andrew Rizzardi (second half).

Click on the image to see the tour stops on Google Maps

Click on the image to see the tour stops on Google Maps

[Under Construction: All stops will eventually have a link containing pictures, venue info, and stories from that location.]

Aug 20: Cooper Landing
Aug 21: Ninilchik
Aug 22: Moose Pass
Aug 23: Seward
Aug 24: Kenai
Aug. 25: Soldotna
Aug. 27: Homer
Aug. 30: Talkeetna

Aug. 31: Healy 
Sep. 1-2: Fairbanks
Sep. 3: Denali
Sep. 5: Kenny Lake
Sep. 6: Glennallen
Sep. 7: Slana
Sep. 8: Anchorage