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"A Kind of Mirror” performed by Miki, with original music by Brendon Randall-Myers and directed by Daniel Pettrow, is a unique and experimental take on a piano concert that reflects “who the audience is" every evening.  Theatrical prompts and audience interaction are woven throughout the show with Brendon's music acting as the pillars, living alongside works by Bach, Ravel, and Scriabin. The performance is continually transforming to reveal a deeper connection between the performer, audience, music, and the space and time we inhabit. "A Kind of Mirror" is the recipient of a New Music USA commissioning grant, and was awarded a residency at Avaloch Farm for its creation.

 “A Kind of Mirror” was expanded into a concert piece, consisting only of Randall-Myers’ piece, and premiered at Roulette in Brooklyn on May 1, 2018.

Studio audio recording/video to come soon. Watch the West Virginia vlog to see live concert footage from tour!